Wavy Top Belts

Also Available in "Jointless" Form

The friction coefficient of Dynamic Rubbers Wavy Top Belts is excellent. Wavy Top Belts are designed to ensure that the item being transported does not slip or roll back.


There are no joints in Wavy Top Belts and true to their name, they are ‘Endless’ Belts. They have a good amount of thickness and strength consistently distributed throughout the whole surface.

Transporting of lightweight commodities such as cartons, paper, glass, packaged products, and other lightweight materials on flat or inclined surfaces necessitates the use of a particular belt such as a Wavy Top Belt.

These belts are designed to be driven across small pulley diameters (even as small as 100mm if supplied as a Truly ‘Endless’ Belt). They move at a faster rate (up to 25 m/sec). There is an option for a minimum elongation (up to 1.0 percent) at the ref. load. The belt may be made in any specified grade to fulfill the needs of the customer.











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Standard Widths Up to 1300mm (51″)
Type Of Fabric EP / NN
Strength 200 kN/m (110 PIW) to 1000 kN/m (571 PIW).
No. of Ply’s 1 ply to 4 ply
Cover Thickness Top cover: Up to 5 mm (1/5″) | Bottom cover: Up to 3 mm (3/8″) | Bare
Back Surface also available.
Splicing Method Hot / Mechanical
Cover Grades Available in General Purpose Impact and Abrasion Resistant(M24, DIN-X,
Y, HAR, SAR), Oil Resistant(OR),
Heat Resistant(HR), Fire Resistant (FR)grades and combinations available
on request.
Single Roll Length 200 Meters (650′) | Longer roll lengths available on request. (endless
length also available on request).
Standard Packing Wrapping in HDPE sheets with Strapping. | (Wooden Crate / Metal Crate
packing is available on request).
Belt Identification Number A unique BIN (Belt Identification Number) at every 10 meters (33′).