Cleated Belts

Chevron Belts

REACH, RoHS, PAH and CE certified

Dynamic Rubbers Chevron Cleated belts have steeper angles of inclinations up to 40° possible, this allows for a higher lift in lesser space. Thus, there is no need for special idlers and it can be run on conventional conveyors. Chevron Cleated belts allow for steeper slopes of up to 40°, allowing for a larger lift in less area. As a result, no special idlers are required, and it may be operated on standard conveyors.


Dynamic Rubbers Chevron Belts have rubber cleats that are integrally vulcanized with the top cover of the belt. These profiles are made with highly abrasion-resistant rubber types and are offered in softer compounds (45 to 50 Shore hardness) as also 60 shore materials. The profiles are shaped in such a manner that there is no need for special idlers and these can be run on conventional conveyors. The pitch between two cleats ensures a smooth ride over return idlers.
In conveyor systems having incline angles greater than 20° degrees, the material tends to roll back. To counter this the conventional approach is to increase the speed of the conveyors, thereby resulting in increased energy consumption.

Chevron Belts have rubber cleats that are vulcanized along with the belt’s top cover. These profiles are built of abrasion-resistant rubber compounds and are available in softer compounds (45 to 50 Shore hardness) as well as 60 Shore materials. The profiles are formed in such a way that no special idlers are required, and they may be transported on standard conveyors. An easy and effortless ride between idlers is ensured by the pitch between two cleats.

The material is likely to roll back in conveyor systems with slopes that have angles greater than 20 degrees. To prevent this, the easiest way is to increase conveyor speed, which causes higher energy usage.

We’ve designed a variety of Chevron and other profile belts based on our expertise with challenges linked to high inclines. Chevron conveyor belts are guaranteed to increase operating efficiency and material conveyance throughout. Profile belts are becoming more popular in mobile conveyor applications for aggregate and waste recycling.

Benefits of Chevron Belts:
– Profiled covers reduce rollback of material on inclines
– Space-saving due to a smaller footprint
– Increased carrying capacity
– Savings in structural cost and power consumption
– Reduced spillage and material loss
– Flexibility in belt construction wraps around smaller pulleys
– Availability with special covers including Oil, Heat or Fire Resistant






Waste Management


Drag right if required.

Standard Widths Upto 2000MM or as per specification
Cleat Height 5mm to 35mm
No. of Ply’s 3 ply to 5 ply
Type of Fabric PP / EP / NN
Cover Thickness As per requirement
Cover Grades Available in General Purpose Impact and Abrasion Resistant(M24,DIN-X,Y,HAR,SAR),Oil Resistant(OR), Heat Resistant(HR) ,Fire Resistant (FR)grades and combinations available on request.
Single Roll Length UPTO 400 METER or as per specification
Standard Packing Wrapping in Blue HDPE sheets/Wooden with Strapping.
Identification A unique BIN (Belt Identification Number) at every 10 meters (33′).