Bag Diverter Belts


The Dynamic Rubbers Bag Diverter Belts were designed to redirect packed units/bags by means of a high-speed mainline conveyor belt. Bag diverting is an efficient material handling method..


The Dynamic Rubbers Bag Diverter Belts are designed to redirect packed units/bags off a fast-moving mainline conveyor belt. In material handling systems, bag diverting is a quick procedure that maintains system efficiency.

The top surface is constructed of a specifically developed rubber grade with a checkered pattern. The top surface’s pattern aids in the safe removal of units/bags from the high-speed conveyor line. The rubber grade provides cushioning to the unit/bag, when it bumps against this belt while being transferred from the high-speed conveyor line.

This belt has single or multiple (up to 6) guiding V Ribs on the backside to ensure straight line running and to withstand transverse impulses during the diverting operation. The belt itself as well as the guiding V ribs along the belt’s bottom cover are vulcanized to ensure maximum lifespan of the conveyor belt.









Drag right if required.

Standard Widths 200-350MM or as per specification
Type Of Fabric EP / NN
Strength 200 kN/m (110 PIW) to 300 kN/m (171 PIW).
No. of Ply’s 2 ply to 3 ply
Cover Thickness Top Cover : Upto 3 mm | Bottom Cover : Upto 2 mm
Splicing Method Truly ‘Endless’ Belt
Cover Grades Available in General Purpose Impact and Abrasion Resistant(M24, DIN-X,
Y, HAR, SAR), Oil Resistant(OR), Heat Resistant(HR), Fire Resistant
(FR)grades and combinations available on request.
Single Roll Length Available in 3.50 Meters (11.50′) Jointless Length.
Standard Packing Wrapping in Blue HDPE sheets with Strapping.
Identification Each belt has a sign of run this side and mark.