Wagon Loaders And Telescopic Mobile Conveyors


Unloading loose-loaded freight is a breeze using Dynamic Rubbers Telescopic PVC Belt Conveyors. Whatever vehicles your products are transported in — vans, 40-foot containers, or anything in between – an SVE Telescopic Belt Conveyor will meet your requirements.


A number of steel components are assembled one inside the other and kept in a foundation portion near the dock door. This implies that when the conveyor is not in use, it takes up very little space.

When the unloading vehicle (van, truck, trailer, container, etc.) approaches the door, the operator extends the telescopic belt conveyor to the required length, and then it extends a little more as the vehicle empties out, so that the cargo (sacks, boxes, tyres, etc.) can be placed on the conveyor belt with minimal effort by the operator. All goods are carried to another conveyor in a system or off-loaded to a pallet by the belt along the telescopic conveyor.

The procedure is reversed during loading: unit items pass along the belt to the operator, which places them inside the truck. The operator retracts the conveyor by pushing the joystick or smart pad when the vehicle is full.

SVE telescopic belt conveyors are simple to use and are ideal for loading and discharging loose-loaded objects swiftly, safely, and with the least amount of effort.











Drag right if required.

Standard Widths Up to 1400mm
Strength As per requirement
No. of Ply’s 1 ply to 4 ply
Cover Thickness Top cover: Up to 5 mm | Bottom cover: Up to 3 mm | Wavy Top and Bare
Back Surface also available.
Joint Truly ‘Endless’ Belt
Cover Grades Available in General Purpose Impact and Abrasion Resistant(M24, DIN-X,
Y, HAR, SAR), Oil Resistant(OR),
Heat Resistant(HR), Fire Resistant (FR)grades and combinations available
on request.
Single Roll Length 300 Meters | Longer roll lengths available on request. (endless length
also available on request).
Standard Packing Wrapping in HDPE sheets with Strapping. | (Wooden Crate / Metal Crate
packing is available on request).
Belt Identification Number A unique BIN (Belt Identification Number) at every 10 meters.