Tumble Blast Belting

Shot Blasting Belts


Dynamic Rubbers Shot Blast Conveyor Belts are developed for the purpose of shot blasting, a crucial activity in industrial processes. The articles/units are struck with fine metal grits by high-pressure blasting equipment


Because the articles in shot blasting machines contact the belt at such a high speed due to shot blasting technology, the belt must have excellent abrasion resistance. In addition, the cover should be able to withstand the jerk load caused by shock.

As a result, we’ve created a special chemical that extends the life of belts. These belts were created for the SHOT BLASTING industry’s OEMs.

These belts are custom-made to fit the OEM’s specifications and are engineered to deliver high-performance outcomes. The articles/parts are tumbled on a conveyor belt sandblasted/shotblasted.

Shot Blasting Belts are usually supplied as Truly ‘Endless’ Belt which helps:
-> To have maximum uniformity of thickness and strength all over the surface.
-> To run over narrow pulley diameter (even lower than 100mm)
-> To run at a higher speed (as high as 25 m/sec.)
-> To restrict elongation (up to 1.0%) at ref. load.
Salient Features:
– Excellent abrasion resistance.
– Good Resistance to Heat.
– Excellent Resistance to High impacts of grits.
– Made with special guiding ribs to sustain longitudinal & transverse impulses during the tumbling process.
– Made with a special Jointless design for longer life.




Road Construction


Drag right if required.

Standard Widths Upto 2200 M
Design Integrally molded Ribs, Even holes across the belt and Bottom V Guide for alignment
No. of Ply’s 1 ply to 6 ply or as per requirement
Cover Thickness Top Cover: Up to 10 mm, Bottom Cover : Up to 5 mm
Cover Grades Available in M-24, Heat Resistant(SHRT2), Fire Resistant (FR) grades and combinations available on request.
Joints Truly Endless/Mechanical Joints. Open rolls also available (upon requirement)
Strength As per requirement
Standard Packing Wrapping in HDPE sheets with Strapping. (Wooden Crate / Metal Crate packing is available on request)
Identification Unique Belt number engraved on the belt