Coal Feeder or Gravimetric Feeder Belts


Dynamic Rubbers Coal Feeder or Gravimetric Feeder Belts are employed in Thermal Power Plants and Coal Handling Plants. These belts come with Collars or sidewalls to limit or avoid spillage of material.


A gravimetric feeder is a self-calibrating feeder that doses depending on weight in motion. The kind and qualities of the input material, as well as environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and the type of dosing device, have a considerable impact on dosing. Dosing systems distribute predetermined amounts of material in a certain ratio over a predetermined time period.

In a gravimetric feeder, control and local panels load cells to measure the load, a digital tachometer senses the belt speed, and a belt feeder conveyor shaft operated by an AC motor connected through the gearbox completes the system. The gravimetric feeder may be a loss-in-weight system or a gain-in-weight system, depending on the overall process.

Gravimetric Belts are integrally moulded and have a V guide on the bottom side to ensure optimum tracking and running.





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Standard Widths Standard 24 inch Belts for stock Gravimetric feeder = 838 MM
Standard 36 inch Belts for stock Gravimetric feeder = 1168 MM
Standard 48 Inch Belts for stock Gravimetric feeder = 1219 MM
Design Collared, Sidewall and Bottom V guide
No. of Ply’s 1 ply to 5 ply or as per requirement
Cover Thickness Top Cover: Up to 5mm, Bottom Cover : Up to 3 mm
Cover Grades Available in M-24, Heat Resistant(SHRT2), Fire Resistant (FR) grades and combinations available on request.
Joints Truly Endless/Mechanical Joints. Open rolls also available (upon required)
Strength As per requirement
Standard Packing Wrapping in HDPE sheets with Strapping. (Wooden Crate / Metal Crate packing is available on request)
Identification Unique Belt number engraved on the belt