Rubber Sheet

Plain Rubber Sheet

Forms: Rolls, Tiles and Plates

Plain Rubber Sheets from Dynamic Rubbers are available in a wide range. From simple commercial compounds to technically advanced sheets, we can meet the most exact client requirements with ease.


Our experienced staff at Dynamic Rubbers can also create unique compounds for our customers as per their specific requirement.

Tank lining, soundproofing, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, insulation, gaskets, diaphragms, and air bellows are all common uses for Plain Rubber Sheets.

Forms: Rolls, Tiles and Plates








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Thickness Tolerances
Fraction Inches Decimals Inches Inches millimeter millimeter
Under 1/32″ Under 0.031 0.01 1 0.25
1/32″ to but not including 1/16″ 0.031 to 0.062 0.012 2 0.3
1/16″ to but not including 1/8″ 0.062 to 0.125 0.016 3 0.4
1/8″ to but not including 3/16″ 0.125 to 0.187 0.02 5 0.51
3/16″ to but not including 3/8″ 0.187 to 0.375 0.031 10 0.79
3/8″ to but not including 9/16″ 0.375 to 0.562 0.047 15 1.19
9/16″ to but not including 3/4″ 0.562 to 0.750 0.062 10 1.59
3/4″ to but not including 1″ 0.750 to 1.000 0.094 23 2.38
1″ and over 1.000 and over 10% 25 10%
Width Tolerances +/- 2%
Length Tolerances +/- 5%
Polymer selection criteria
Application Natural / SBR Neoprene Nitrile EPDM Butyl Hypalon Silicon Vitone
Petrol Poor Poor Good Poor Poor Poor Poor Excellent
Lubricating Oils Poor Fair Good Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
Acids Fair Fair Good Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair Good
Alkali Fair Fair Fair Good Excellent Excellent Fair Fair
Hydraulic Phosphates Poor Poor Poor Good Good Fair Good Poor
Fluid Silicates Poor Good Good Fair Fair Good Poor Good
Abrasion Resistance Excellent Good Good Good Good Good Fair Good
Tear Strength Good Good Good Fair Good Fair Poor Fair
Impact Resistance Excellent Good Fair Good Good Good Fair Fair
Resilience Excellent Good Good Good Fair Good Poor Fair
Impermeable to Gases Fair Good Good Good Excellent Excellent Poor Excellent
Compression Set Good Good Good Fair Fair Fair Good Good