Customize Belt Manufacturing like Endless Belt, Embossed Belting, Widerendless

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Range of Special Purpose Belts



Cotton Cotton

Cotton Polyamide

Polyamide Polyamide

Polyester Polyamide

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These belts are designed to provide the major advantages for trouble free service life and have the following advantages like High Adhesion, level, higher ply strength and lower self weight, improved utilization, outstanding impact resistance, elimination of edge protection & higher longuidinal flexing.

Dynamic Endless Belt (Joint less Belt)   'Dynamic' endless belt without splice joint (Joint less Belts) are manufactured directly in "Sleeve" form as per customer's requirement. The basic advantage is that, it has no transversal or longitudinal joints. Joint less belts have been highly acclaimed especially when they are used as feed belts on the system such as conveying, gauging, die cutting, dosing and weighing, squaring, stretching bag filling, packaging etc. Joint less belts provides more life then splice joint vulcanized belt.


The "Y" cheverons with height of 20 mm are obtained by direct vulcanization on the beit top. It permits conveyance on slopes even stepper than 40' depending on the type of material being conveyed. This belts is particularly suitable for non-stop application, in cement, fertilizers, chemical, steel rolls industries etc.

Used for zero spillage, fast and bulk material handling.

Suitable for high inclination & magnet separator.

Use to carry materials on steeper angle up 90' with no spillage space requirement is quiet less as compared to conventional belts. 

Dynamic Checkared Belt

Dynamic' Checkared belt with "V" section pulley guide single or multiple guides of "V" section directly vulcanized on to the bottom cover of the belt, ensure a perfect straight running line and resist to transverse impulses eventually applied to the bottom mainly used for bag diverters or weigh feeders.

Dynamic Embossed Belting/ High Grip Type / Rough Top

These surface are obtained by direct vulcanization of the belts top cover by using special moulds, Due to high inclination belts carrying flat packages could have slide inclination back problems, grip surface belts with profile, are offered for such applications.

Dynamic Widerendless Belts

These belts are also ideal for precision indexing of goods, good shock absorption properties & choice of PVC or nitrile rubber surfaces in range of deep-embossed pattern.

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MRF Muscleflex Conveyor System & Accessories Light Duty Conveyor Belts Rubber Sheet & Coated Fabrics
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